It’s never too early

Students study at the Daley Library

The library will soon be full of students studying for finals. Get prepared!

I can’t believe it’s already April! Before we know it finals will be here. Even though we still have a few weeks before finals, here are some tips to start preparing for finals now.

  • Schedule an appointment to see your professor or TA now! You don’t want to wait until the week before finals to see a professor about a subject you don’t understand.
  • Check your grades! You don’t want to walk into your final and realize that you are missing a score on Blackboard for an assignment or two.
  • Start working on those final papers and projects! Trying to finish a 15-page final paper two days before its due is a huge headache.
  • Make an appointment with the Writing Center! If you have any final papers due, get them reviewed at the Writing Center. Appointments close to finals book up fast, by booking an appointment now you will be able to get ahead of the game.

Good luck with your finals preparations! If you start now, you will be less stressed when the dreaded week of finals approaches.


Aneta Murphy - blogger (F)


Aneta Murphy is a senior majoring in applied psychology and minoring in sociology. In her spare time, Aneta enjoys going to museums, hiking, biking, fishing and reading. You’ll often find her down on the lakefront trail riding her bike with her husband. She also loves to travel and explore new cities.


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