Last spring break


Spring break got off to a great start! To kick off break, the Student Veterans Association held a Billiards and Arcade Night after the March General Body Meeting. It was a great Friday night since it was the start of spring break and we didn’t have to worry about any assignments or papers being due for a little while. It was nice to just hang out and shoot some pool and enjoy the arcade games. I’m not very good at billiards or games, but I tried!

It made me a little bit sad to realize that this will be my last spring break at UIC. Time flies so quickly! In a few weeks I will be graduating and saying goodbye to UIC. Looking back I am truly glad that I became involved with the Student Veterans Association and other clubs. A lot of times we just go to school and work, and time goes by and then our college experience is over. It’s important to become involved, even if you are busy and can only go to one meeting or event. It is still important to try to make the most out of your college experience and become involved.

I will miss many things about UIC when I graduate, but I will especially miss all the great people I met by getting involved.  I’m truly grateful for all the memories that I will get to take with me when I graduate.


Aneta Murphy - blogger (F)


Aneta Murphy is a senior majoring in applied psychology and minoring in sociology. In her spare time, Aneta enjoys going to museums, hiking, biking, fishing and reading. You’ll often find her down on the lakefront trail riding her bike with her husband. She also loves to travel and explore new cities.


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