Latin American, Latino studies celebrates 40th

Student, faculty sit-in for Latino studies program

Students and faculty at a sit-in calling for a Latino studies program in 1974. Photo: Carlos Flores


The Latin American and Latino studies program celebrates its 40th anniversary with a series of events that includes a scholarship fundraiser, film screening and panels.

“Our program’s research and courses reflect the uniqueness of Chicago, which brings together Latinos of diverse national origins,” says Amalia Pallares, director of Latin American and Latino studies. “We look forward to strengthening our connections with faculty, students, alumni and friends in the community.”

The founding of the program in 1974 was driven by student activism. UIC students called for curriculum changes and recruitment of students and faculty to reflect neighboring Latino and multicultural communities.

Today, Latin American and Latino studies is a degree-granting program that offers undergraduate and graduate courses on Latin America and on Latinos in the U.S., including history, politics, culture, migration and development, especially in Chicago and the Midwest.  The program is a member of the Inter-University Program for Latino Research, a UIC-based national consortium of 25 university-based Latino research centers.

The celebration begins with an Oct. 29 fundraiser at the National Museum of Mexican Art for the program’s new scholarship fund.

Other events include a Nov. 5 discussion with current students and the activists who mobilized to establish the program; Nov. 10 screening of the film “Storming the Gates, “ with a panel discussion following; Nov. 12 presentation, “Latina/o Students on the Move: 40 Years of Struggle and Engagement,” and a Nov. 14 awards and networking event, “LALS Agents of Change Celebration.”

Admission is free, except for the Oct. 29 fundraiser, which is $15 students and $30 others. For more information call 312-996-2445.

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