Mail Service Update

The UIC University Mail Services (UMS) is working diligently to acclimate to the rapidly changing conditions during the COVID-19 pandemic. We understand that a great deal of the campus is currently telecommuting and have concerns about mail services as well as other campus deliveries.

At this time all campus and first-class mail services have been carried out as usual to meet the needs of the entire campus. However, it is recommended that a representative from each department that has already or plans to shut down their physical office presence for any period of time, contact mail services by email at with their hold request, which should include the department’s name, mail code and expected date of return.  If there is priority mail on hold with UMS that needs to be picked up before the hold is lifted, you will need to contact UMS to schedule a time for pickup.

Please note that personal mail items should not be addressed to a university address. UMS is not funded to process personal packages.

UMS has also received multiple inquiries regarding packages and/or shipments that were previously ordered and are en route to locations on campus where staff is currently unavailable to receive them. It has been determined that the safest option would be to have all on-campus work-related packages rerouted and delivered to our Central Receiving Dock (Hospital) at 912 S. Paulina Chicago, IL 60612. Once packages have been received at the Central Receiving Dock, Receiving Clerks will attempt to deliver packages to the appropriate departments. If delivery attempts are unsuccessful after multiple tries, then packages will be stored in a secured location on campus until further notice. If you are expecting a package that is necessary to perform your responsibilities by way of telecommuting, it is recommended that you have those packages delivered to your home address for your convenience and safety.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact University Mail Services at 312-996-2885 or Central Receiving Dock at 312-996-7099.

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