NASA roadshow taps UIC

Mohsen Issa, professor of civil, materials and environmental engineering, leads a tour of the High-Bay Structures Laboratory during NASA’s HBCU/MSI Technology Infusion Road Tour hosted by UIC April 19. (Photo: Joshua Clark/University of Illinois Chicago)

UIC hosted the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Technology Infusion Road Tour April 18-19. The event is an open platform for students and faculty from Minority-Serving Institutions and historically Black colleges and universities to connect with NASA leaders and build collaborations. 

NASA officials toured UIC labs and research centers, like the College of Engineering’s High-Bay Structures Laboratory, Nanotechnology Core Facility and MakerSpace. NASA also heard about UIC research directly from faculty, including College of Liberal Arts and Sciences’ Robert Klie, professor of physics, and Andrew Dombard, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences. A panel on UIC capabilities included health sciences faculty like Michele Mariscalco, assistant vice chancellor for health sciences academic affairs, representing all seven of UIC’s health sciences colleges.

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