New AEDs on Campus and Free CPR Training Opportunities

An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) dramatically increases the rates of survival in the event of cardiac arrest. The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO), with support from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services, has now installed an AED in every building on campus. The AED in your building is found on the first floor near the vicinity of the elevator lobby or common area.  Some taller buildings, such as University Hall, may have additional AED units strategically placed on other floors to reduce travel time.

On UIC’s campus, at least two lives have been saved with the use of an AED and delivery of effective CPR, including one individual who was rescued this past January. Please take time to familiarize yourself with the AED locations to avoid wasting precious minutes in an emergency.  Contact Mark Gaunky, Assistant Director of Fire and Life Safety, with any questions related to AEDs.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services is supporting free training for students and staff seeking certification in CPR. EHSO and Campus Recreation will be offering CPR/AED training for the UIC community at no cost from May 2018 through December 2018. Course space is limited, so register promptly. Please see course options below:


EHSO offers the Heartsaver CPR/AED training course which is designed for everyone interested in learning CPR and the use of an AED. This course will prepare you to provide CPR and use an AED on adult victims experiencing cardiac arrest. Our courses are supported by the American Heart Association (AHA). For more information and to register for training visit the EHSO website.

Campus Recreation Facilities CPR/AED Training

Campus Recreation Facilities offers CPR courses from the American Red Cross (ARC). For more information and to register for training visit the Campus Recreation website.

If you have any questions about registration or how to choose the CPR class that is best for you, please contact the EHSO Training & Development Specialist, Randi Provost.


John Coronado
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services


For more information, please contact:
Heather Jackson
Randi Provost

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