New Disability Resource Center Director

Dear Colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the recent appointment of Sophia Hamilton as the Director of the Disability Resource Center (DRC). ┬áThis past year the leadership of the DRC transitioned to the Office for Access and Equity (OAE). Sophia will continue significant progress in overseeing compliance efforts and reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities within the framework of federal and state regulations and university policies and procedures under Section 504, the Illinois Information Technology Accessibility Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended. This includes but is not limited to, actively engaging in planning strategic initiatives, assessing services, collaborating with the Disability Cultural Center through its inclusive classroom initiative, the Chancellor’s Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities and the Department of Disability and Human Development.

Prior to joining UIC, Sophia served as Director of the Disability Access Center at Kennedy-King College. She holds a Masters of Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin and joins UIC with over eight years of knowledge and expertise in providing equal access learning environments for students with disabilities in higher education, including the interactive intake process, reasonable accommodations, assistive technology and software, and educational outreach.

I want to especially thank Danielle Earls, Assistant Director in OAE who served as the Interim Director in the DRC this past year. Thank you to the search committee including Charu Thakral and Danielle Earls (Co-chairs), Peter Berg, Keana Galloway, Robert Gould, Carlotta Johnson, Kathy Preissner, Brian Roessler, and Federico Waitoller.

We look forward to enhancing our engagement efforts with the UIC community.


Caryn A. Bills
Associate Chancellor


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