“The generation now is very low key — the emotions are flat — compared to movies from the ’50s, when people look sentimental. … It inflates the language. We’re using this powerful word, but lowering the standard by having everybody be obsessed by everything.”

Lennard Davis, distinguished professor of English, disability studies, and medical education, about the word ‘obsessed’ and its use in everyday language, March 22 New York Times


“I think more generally, it’s related to innovation and being able to see things differently. We have this other style of thinking, this other diffused state where we’re more flexible. That side of cognition gets overlooked.”

Psychology professor Jennifer Wiley on her studies on the effects of alcohol on cognitive thinking, March 22 RedEye


“It’s no secret, the kids who are at risk. The schoolteachers can tell you, the neighborhood can tell you, the police mostly can tell you. It’s about what we’re going to do to intervene, and there’s a lot that can be done,”

Dennis Rosenbaum, professor of criminology, law and justice, on repeat offenders committing homicides, March 20 WGN-TV


Emanuel is “surrounded by people who tell him he’s got the best ideas in the world. … [There is] no one in his inner circle to say he’s wrong.”

Political science professor Dick Simpson on how infrequently the Chicago City Council challenges Mayor Rahm Emanuel, April Chicago Magazine


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