Official Launch of myProposals for Online Grant Proposal Submissions

Dear Colleagues:

OVCR is pleased to announce the official launch of myProposals for online grant proposal routing and approval. This new system enables researchers to review, approve and submit proposals online.   This review system replaces the “Proposal Approval Form (PAF)” for proposals. Submission of paper form PAFs will only be accepted with prior approval after June 30, 2019.

We encourage you to attend an upcoming training session if you haven’t done so already.  Please visit the myProposals training page to find dates and times, and to RSVP.

The training course is designed for those responsible for building proposals and obtaining signatures—typically unit business managers. More concise training materials designed for proposal approvers (investigators, unit heads, deans, etc.) are available on the

START myResearch Help page.

Please visit the myProposals FAQ page for more information or contact Michael Anderson with questions.


Joanna Groden, PhD
Vice Chancellor for Research

Peggy Diskin
Associate Director, Sponsored Projects (Proposal Development)

For more information, please contact:
Michael Anderson

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