College’s reorganization creates new synergies

Steve Everett

Steve Everett, dean of the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts.

The buildings may look the same, but the synergies have changed as the former College of Architecture and the Arts became the College of Architecture, Design, and the Arts this semester.

The new name reflects the college’s reorganization into four schools, some of which were previously departments. Each school is led by a director, rather than faculty members in rotating chairmanships.

The reorganization grew from current research orientations and teaching methods across the arts disciplines. It allows for shared,  updated curricula in many programs while making better use of the college’s resources, administrators said.

“All of our bright spots are visible now,” said Marcia Lausen, director of the School of Design.

“With dedicated directors, each school has equal advocacy and a consistent voice. The restructure is showing our strengths and enabling more even interdisciplinary instruction.”

Units within the college are:

• the School of Architecture (name unchanged), directed by Robert Somol. The school added a new joint degree, the master of architecture/master of arts in design criticism.

• the School of Design, which Lausen directs. It now confers the master of design degree, replacing the master of fine arts.

• the School of Art & Art History, directed by Lisa Lee. The school has a new master’s degree program in museum and exhibition studies.

• the School of Theatre & Music, directed by Christine Mary Dunford. A new degree in music business is under consideration.

• Gallery 400

• Jane Addams Hull-House Museum.

The college also has a new dean, composer Steve Everett, who credits the college’s new identity for “increased visibility and recognition,” pointing to two recent prestigious grants: a federal grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to Gallery 400 for an exhibition series titled “Standard of Living” on today’s economy, and an American Alliance of Museums grant to the Hull-House Museum for its “Slow Museum” programming.

Some of the college’s buildings have been renamed in accord with the curriculum changes, and new signs will reflect the changes.

The Art + Architecture Building is now the Architecture + Design Studios; Art and Design Hall is Art and Exhibition Hall; and the Education, Performing Arts and Social Work Building is the Education, Theatre, Music and Social Work Building.

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