Roadway and bicycle safety

Dear students, faculty and staff,

UIC is working with the City of Chicago to educate the community on the importance of observing traffic regulations to increase roadway safety for everyone. The City of Chicago strives to design street infrastructure that increases safety for all road users — those who drive motorized vehicles, who walk, and those who ride bicycles.  The Vision Zero Chicago Plan states that “a traffic crash is not simply an ‘accident,’ but the result of preventable behaviors and conditions that led to the crash. Identifying and changing behaviors and conditions is key to preventing severe crashes from occurring.”

To assist in this effort, each roadway user must take personal responsibility for their behavior. UIC is a Bicycle Friendly University and the campus is connected to Chicago’s on-street bike network.  Bicycle lanes are legal street designations intended for bicycle traffic only.  The use of these areas for temporary parking is prohibited and carries a penalty of $150.  Vehicles parked in bicycle lanes force bicycle riders into the lane of traffic, creating a dangerous situation for the rider and other drivers.  All UIC staff, faculty and students are strongly urged and cautioned to refrain from parking vehicles in these unauthorized locations. Those who ride bicycles and all pedestrians are likewise advised to observe traffic control devises and crosswalks, and to be alert at all times to their surroundings.

As you plan your travel to and around campus, please allow a few extra minutes to slow down and choose the safest actions for you and for those around you. For additional information on bicycling on campus and tips for safe city cycling, visit I Bike UIC.


John Coronado
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services



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