See what campus has to offer at Open House

Visitors register for Open House at the UIC Forum on September 13th

Visitors register for the 2014 Open House. Photo: Julie Jaidinger


UIC throws open its doors to the public Oct. 3 for Open House, with more than 100 free activities planned for prospective students and their families, alumni, campus neighbors and the community.

Some highlights of the third annual event include:

• “What Color was that Dress?” Paul Malchow, associate professor of biological sciences and director of the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience, explores the neurobiological basis of visual perceptions

• “Body Alignment for Musicians and Actors.” Rachelle Tsachor, assistant professor of theatre, presents a workshop on proper body alignment for artists

• Open House Expo at the UIC Forum. UIC colleges, programs and support organizations offer information on their programs

• Tours of the Electronic Visualization Lab, architecture and design studios and language labs.

“Open House is ideally about letting the public understand what goes on at an urban research university. It’s our chance to showcase our faculty and students, and the projects they are working on year round, in a way that is digestible to the public,” said Oscar Rodriguez, director of recruitment and outreach.

Open House will run from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., with most activities on the east side of campus.

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