Snowstorm has worst timing

Springfield blog 2Tired, exhausted, drained….these are just some of the words to describe how I’m feeling. On Sunday when the blizzard was coming down full force I was trying to get to Union Station to catch my train to Springfield. I went to Springfield to attend Sexual Assault and Crisis Intervention Training with the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault for my PSCH 385 internship with Rape Victim Advocates. Why is it that blizzards always have the worst timing?

Luckily, I made it to Springfield in this crazy snowstorm and imagine my surprise when I arrived there to find that there was barely any snow on the ground. I still can’t believe how much snow Chicago got! So, how many of you built a snowman? I wish I could have been here to enjoy the snow and try to climb the snow mountains to get to class.

I’m going to keep this blog short this week because after a week of sexual assault training I am mentally exhausted. However, the training was exceptional and extremely informative. I met some amazing people and feel very grateful for being able to attend this training.

Hope you like the blizzard-free Springfield picture!


Aneta Murphy is a senior majoring in applied psychology and minoring in sociology. In her spare time, Aneta enjoys going to museums, hiking, biking, fishing and reading. You’ll often find her down on the lakefront trail riding her bike with her husband. She also loves to travel and explore new cities.


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