Student researchers have their day

UIC students show off their work at the UIC Student Research Forum April 16. Photo: Joshua Clark/UIC Photo Services

Nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate students from across campus came together April 16 to show off the results of their scholarly efforts at the 2013 UIC Student Research Forum.

Students presented their work to onlookers and judges during a three-hour session, followed by an awards ceremony. Cash prizes went to the top winners.

The projects spanned a wide range of research, from the arts and humanities to the sciences and sustainability.

Danielle Burkhardt’s project looked at gender transgression in Victorian literature in relation to the conventions of the detective fiction genre.

“I was interested in my project in order to discuss how progression and evolution in literature and female literary characters can act as a catalyst for real world change and advancement,” said Burkhardt, a senior in criminal justice and English.

Lisa Conte presented her research on cellular glucose metabolism.

“I really enjoy doing research because it has given me opportunities to sharpen my lab skills and deepen my scientific knowledge,” said Conte, a senior in pre-medicine.

Jonathan Ross showcased his work on the constitutionality of Cook County’s vacant building ordinance.

“It was an incredible way to actively engage others about my research,” said Ross, a senior in criminal justice. “I was also able to meet and network with successful alumni and other research participants.”

Graduate student Lakshmi Kaligounder presents her work at the Student Research Forum

Graduate student Lakshmi Kaligounder presents her work. Photo: Joshua Clark/UIC Photo Services


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