Spring safety with UIC Safe app

Dear students, faculty and staff,

This month we want you to THINK! about the UIC Safe app, which highlights safety resources available to the UIC community.

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to download the UIC Safe app, which features a panic button, safe commute information, safety toolbox, support resources and emergency response guidelines. The app also includes opportunities to report crime tips, let someone know when and where you’re working alone on campus, and take a virtual walk with a friend or police escort.

Some features are only available within the UIC campus. You also must enable location services and push notifications on your phone and complete a UIC Safe profile that includes a contact number with text and call services.

As we move toward spring break, many of the safety materials featured on the app are practical even when you are away from campus. Our goal as a university is to have resources readily available to our community.

For more information or suggestions about the app, please contact UIC Police at safetytip@uic.edu.

Kevin Booker
UIC Chief of Police

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