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Nan Ratisoontorn teaching

April 29, 2014

Making sense of complicated numbers

Silver Circle winner Nan Ratisoontorn likes solving problems

Engineering Design Team

April 8, 2014

Engineering team’s robots crush competition

Richard, Glados and Lamashtu prize winners at Midwest contest

Student in the group's go-kart

February 4, 2014

Students exhibit vehicles, talent at Chicago Auto Show

Student engineering group builds formula, Baja cars

Man working on bridge infrastructure

January 28, 2014

New ways to monitor bridge safety

Optical fiber can replace thousands of sensors

Hand wearing haptics glove holding the lid of a pot

December 3, 2013

Student’s research at the forefront of haptics

Tactile feedback technology tested in eldercare

October 22, 2013

University Scholar Sudip Mazumder: on the grid

“Electricity, just like water, is a resource that a huge number of people depend on”

Science and Engineering Laboratory building

October 2, 2013

Science complex retrofit to cut energy use 30 percent

Science building renovations will save $1.8 million annually

Suman Sinha Ray prepares for the zero and double-gravity experiments

July 16, 2013

Team takes science into space

Researchers go weightless for tests in zero gravity

Novespace Airbus

July 10, 2013

UIC research flies high

Engineers test microelectronic cooling system in zero gravity

May 20, 2013

Two UIC engineering doctoral students receive FMC Fellowships

Award funds graduate study in engineering

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