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Barbara J. Risman

October 13, 2015

Gender, family scholar elected to sociology research group

Barbara Risman inducted into group of leading North American sociologists

Barbara Risman

August 13, 2015

UIC sociologist elected to international honorary

Noted scholar studies gender, sexuality, marriage and family

Jennifer Geiman speaks at the signing of the Marriage Equality Bill

November 20, 2013

Student LGBT leader proud to be part of historic moment

LGBT campus group worked for success of marriage equality bill

November 20, 2013

Governor signs same-sex marriage bill in ceremony at UIC Forum

Illinois becomes 16th state to adopt marriage equality

Same-sex couples and supporters celebrate

October 8, 2013

UIC employees see tax breaks for same-sex marriage

Federal ruling means legally married employees can add spouse to benefits.

Same-sex couples and supporters celebrate

July 16, 2013

States next push for same-sex marriage?

“People are campaigning to make change”

Barbara J. Risman

April 2, 2013

Gender, culture and expectations

“I’ve spent my whole career writing a theory of gender inequality,” says Barbara Risman, head of sociology.

Janet Smith

July 3, 2012

Public housing

“From the perspective of what a public housing agency is supposed to do, its primary mission is to provide public housing.”