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Upstate/Downstate report

June 6, 2017

Poverty . . . an equal opportunity ‘disrupter’ of student success

55 school districts analyzed statewide

Homeless person sleeping on a bench

April 9, 2014

Journalist Bob Herbert to speak at UIC

Panel discussion on social issues with former NY Times columnist

Spoon and fork

February 11, 2014

Farm bill makes ‘significant’ cuts to food stamp program

Benefits reduced by about $90 per month for seniors, working poor

Child's hands full of coins

December 20, 2013

Best gift for impoverished teens? Self-esteem

Study offers insight into materialism of poor children, adolescents

Charles Hoch

November 5, 2013

Charlie Hoch makes plans for affordable housing

“I am a planning machine,” says urban planning and policy professor Charlie Hoch

man yelling

November 5, 2013

Growing up poor, stressed affects brain function in adulthood

Childhood turmoil may lead to problems regulating emotions later

Brain scan showing engaged portions of the prefrontal cortex

October 21, 2013

Growing up poor and stressed impacts brain function as an adult

Poverty coupled with stress have long-lasting effects on brain function

Ethiopian doctoral students

December 14, 2012

Partners for Ethiopia

A partnership between UIC and Addis Ababa University helps the people of Ethiopia.