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lights on top of a police car

December 14, 2015

UIC study to help survivors of violence

Survey of young black males will guide federal policy

Family sits on front steps

June 30, 2015

Social work experts ask: how can society protect our children?

Faculty discuss research into problems and solutions

June 23, 2015

Center brings diabetes education to Chicago neighborhoods

Program empowers patients with practical skills for managing health

young girl drawing in a workbook

February 24, 2015

Families, neighborhood play role in achievement

Urban youth benefit from supportive parents, safe environment

Henrika McCoy

November 17, 2014

Strong neighborhoods, parenting can bridge ‘achievement gap’

Helping social workers, teachers, families motivate youngsters

February 25, 2014

UIC staffer’s documentary up for an Oscar Sunday

“To finally get recognition from the academy is a dream come true”

Amy Watson

December 3, 2013

Working to remove the stigma from mental illness

Program trains officers to recognize symptoms, calm tense situations

hallway in a school

August 16, 2013

Conference preps social workers to address school violence

Called ‘unsung heroes of our city’

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