Telecommuting/Remote Work Policy

Dear Faculty and Staff,

As the University gradually transitions back to normal operations, UIC Human Resources is pleased to announce a new Telecommuting/Remote Work Policy. Since March 2020 many employees have been working fully or partially remotely based upon guidance provided by UIC HR to colleges, administrative units and departments.

The new policy is being established to allow for telecommuting/remote work once normal operations resume, recognizing that many university functions can be completed remotely and employees have been able to demonstrate effectiveness while telecommuting. As the policy indicates, there are certain functions that cannot be performed remotely. Deans, Vice Chancellors and other senior leaders are being delegated the flexibility to make decisions regarding remote work arrangements as dictated by operational needs and equitability.

The policy and related documents are available on a new Telecommuting/Remote Work page on the UIC HR website. An updated Telecommunication/Remote Work Agreement form, instructions and other guidance are all available on the website.

Questions can be directed to


Michael Ginsburg
Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

For more information, please contact:

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