UIC and Chicago’s Electric Scooter Pilot

Dear UIC Community,

Over the weekend, the city of Chicago began a four-month electric scooter pilot in a circumscribed area that includes UIC. There are 10 companies operating 2,500 scooters in an area between Halsted Street and the Chicago River on the east, Irving Park Road on the north, Chicago city limits and Harlem Avenue on the west, and the Chicago River on the south.

At UIC, everyone using a wheeled device (with the exception of ADA assistive devices) must travel at a safe speed, alert pedestrians to their approach via a bell or voice cue, and must yield to all pedestrians. Per Chicago law, electric scooters should not be used on sidewalks, nor should they be left in a way that creates a hazard for people with disabilities.

Please also be considerate when parking electric scooters. City guidelines state that electric scooters will be subject to the same parking requirements as regular private bicycles. Additionally, electric scooters must be parked upright and with a minimum of 6 feet of clearance between the scooter and all public way obstructions. Approved electric scooter parking locations include designated public (city) bike racks and corrals (including Divvy stations), covered bike parking shelters, retired Chicago parking meters, and street signs. Electric scooters must be positioned parallel to the sidewalk or roadway so as to prevent blockages on roadways and sidewalks; users are responsible for ensuring their scooter is compliant at the end of their ride.

The UIC Police Department has asked that electric scooters not be parked by the Daley Library Divvy station, where they will create a potential safety hazard, and that they not be parked in the interior of campus, where they will be difficult to retrieve for charging. Scooter parking is not allowed near UIC bike racks. Any electric scooters parking on handicap ramps, stairwells, or in front of doorways will be considered emergency hazards and removed immediately.

Electric scooters are not permitted inside UIC buildings.

Thank you for your consideration.


John Coronado
Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services

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