UIC email transitioning to Microsoft Exchange

Technology Solutions is rescheduling the UIC Google Workspace changes and NetID activation changes from May 2, 2022 to May 24, 2022. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

Dear students, faculty and staff,

In an effort to enhance communication and collaboration across the UIC community, Technology Solutions will be transitioning university email and calendaring away from Google Gmail to Microsoft Exchange. Please note that current students, faculty and staff with existing UIC Gmail accounts will not be impacted at this time, and access to other parts of Google Workspace (e.g. Google Drive and Docs, etc.) will not be changing. 

What is happening?

  • Effective April 19, the option to re-route UIC email to UIC Gmail will be removed for all current and new students (this option is already not available to faculty and staff). If your UIC email already routes to UIC Gmail, you will not be impacted at this time. Note: Rerouting UIC email to a non-U of I email account is already not allowed. This restriction is not changing. 
  • Effective May 2, newly created UIC Google Workspace accounts will have access to Google Drive, Docs and other applications in Google Workspace, but will not have access to Gmail.
  • Effective May 2, all individuals activating a UIC NetID will have their university email routed to Microsoft Exchange. UIC Google Workspace accounts will still be created automatically for students, but they will no longer include Gmail access.

Why is this happening?
Technology Solutions currently manages and supports two email services: UIC Gmail and Microsoft Exchange. Faculty and staff, along with students in some colleges, are already on Microsoft Exchange by default. However, the majority of students currently use the UIC Gmail service by default (though all students also have the option to route their email to Exchange instead). 

Transitioning to a single email service will streamline and improve communication and collaboration among UIC students, staff, UI Health and U of I System, while also allowing for improved security and privacy protections for the UIC community. In addition, the effort required to manage, maintain, support and secure two email services is an inefficient use of staffing and financial resources.

What do I need to do?
You do not need to take any action. This is a long-term initiative taking place over the course of four years, with a current expectation to transition any remaining UIC Gmail accounts over to Microsoft Exchange in fall 2026. Please note that individual colleges may elect to complete a bulk transition to Microsoft Exchange for their students earlier than 2026. You will receive further communications from your college if this is planned to occur.

Will Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite) tools go away?
No, UIC students, faculty, and staff will continue to have access to Google Workspace products (e.g. Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, Chat, Meet, etc.). Those who currently have access to UIC Gmail will continue to have that access; only individuals joining the UIC community after May 2, will not have access to UIC Gmail.

I am currently on UIC Gmail; can I move to Exchange now?
Yes, any individual on UIC Gmail can choose to instead route their university email to Exchange by visiting the Email Routing tool. You can also migrate your existing email over to Exchange by following the instructions provided in How do I migrate my UIC Gmail emails into a UIC Exchange account?”

Where can I find more information about the email transition?
Please visit it.uic.edu/emailconsolidation for email transition information and answers to frequently asked questions.

Technology Solutions is dedicated to providing the UIC community with the tools and resources needed to achieve teaching, learning and research goals and is committed to inspiring excellence through information technology.


Jason Maslanka
Chief Technology Officer
Technology Solutions

Dean Dang
Director, Enterprise Applications and Services
Technology Solutions

For more information, please contact:
Jason Maslanka

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