UIC Lactation Policy

Dear students, faculty and staff, 

During National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I am pleased to announce that the university’s new Lactation Policy is now in effect. This policy was created to support lactating individuals at UIC by providing them with approved break time during their work or school day to express breastmilk for up to one year following the birth of their child.  

The lactation policy, accompanying procedures and lactation request forms are all located on the Office for Access and Equity’s website. OAE will assist with the facilitation of this policy by reviewing request forms and providing approval letters to supervisors and instructors. 

There are dedicated lactation rooms across campus, which may be located by using the Campus Map under the “Health and Wellness” tab. There is also a list of current lactation rooms located on OAE’s website. Supervisors and instructors are encouraged to work with their employees and students to identify an agreed-upon break schedule that will cause minimal disruption to normal operations. 

If you have any questions or need more information about this new policy, please contact the Title IX listserv. 

Caryn A. Bills
Associate Chancellor 
Office for Access and Equity

For more information, please contact:
Donald Kamm

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