UIC Master Plan Update: 2018 Implementation Plan

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff:

On November 15, 2018, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees approved the UIC Master Plan Update: 2018 Implementation Plan.  This exciting plan will carry the University’s positive momentum into and through the next decade with a solid foundation for growth.  I would encourage all of you to watch the following 5-minute video, which captures the essence of the 2018 Implementation Plan.

It is worth noting that the University has a proud heritage of embracing and planning for the future.  In 2016, UIC articulated its Strategic Priorities to build on these strengths.  It outlined a plan to enhance student support and fortify the University’s national and global reputation. The document, “Leveraging Our Strengths to Shape the Future,” highlights four strategic areas that define an outstanding global research university:

  • Student Experience and Success
  • National and International Impact and Visibility
  • Chicago and Community Engagement
  • Entrepreneurial University

These priorities, as well as UIC’s rapidly growing student enrollment and evolving educational, research and health care needs all place great demands on the University’s physical facilities and infrastructure.  In fact, the strength of UIC’s enrollment momentum alone creates an urgent need to address the various space requirements for the success of our students and the staff that support them.

The 2018 Implementation Plan is a compelling vision for changing and growing our physical infrastructure in a way that will enable the continued upward trajectory of UIC’s academic and health care programs.  It is a multifaceted plan for implementing the Strategic Priorities that embraces change and was developed from the following guiding principles:

  • Drive Excellence: Build appropriate environments to support academic and health care programs
  • Enhance Identify: Create a welcoming setting that encourages people to linger
  • Our Campus is Chicago: Connect people and the campus to the City
  • Transform UIC: Leverage campus heritage and change the physical paradigm to appeal to all

The 2018 Implementation Plan is a bold, visionary and achievable plan that supports the UIC mission of teaching, research, public service and health care.  Please visit the UIC master plan website to read the executive summary, the full report and see the map of the future UIC campus.

Michael D. Amiridis

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