Will Rosie hatch more eggs at UH?

UIC’s resident peregrine falcon Rosie was spotted on a ledge at University Hall last week.
Photo: Roberta Dupuis-Devlin/UIC Photo Services

Is Rosie done laying eggs?

We’ll have to wait and see, Field Museum expert Mary Hennen said Tuesday as she checked on UIC’s resident peregrine falcon.

Rosie was seen a week ago at her perch on the top 28th-floor ledge of University Hall.

On Tuesday, all that could be seen was the depression she had made in the stones on the ledge.

Someone will check weekly, Hennen said.

“If a month goes by and we don’t see any eggs, there aren’t going to be any,” she said.

Last spring Rosie hatched only one chick. Every year before that, going back to 1999, she has hatched at least two and as many as four.

Other falcons in the area have already laid their eggs.

“It may be that, like last year, Rosie is just delayed because she’s an older bird,” Hennen said.

Because of her age, 15, “every year I’m pleasantly surprised to see her,” the bird expert said.

The UIC falcon cam monitors the nest 24/7.

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