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Six students stand outside in front of a tree

April 22, 2024

Students design a more inclusive EEG system 

The most commonly used EEG system does not work well on many culturally Black hairstyles

A woman poses for a photo

April 18, 2024

Rising Star Award, Social Sciences: Nicole Nguyen, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

How has U.S. national security policy affected everyday life?

A woman sits in a blue sofa

April 18, 2024

Distinguished Researcher Award, Social Sciences: Claire Decoteau, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

How can crises help us better understand community health inequities?

A street sign with a word in Ukrainian that is shot through with bullet holes lies on the ground.

April 17, 2024

Calculating the environmental cost of war 

Researchers estimate the war in Ukraine has caused $56.4 billion in environmental damages

April 17, 2024

Grant will help high-achieving, low-income engineering students at UIC

The grant will fund scholarships for 51 full-time students

A woman sits at her desk

April 15, 2024

Rising Star Award: Natasha Crooks, College of Nursing 

How can we better protect Black girls’ and women’s sexual and reproductive health?

A woman stands in front of a UIC Nursing banner

April 15, 2024

Distinguished Researcher Award: Ardith Doorenbos, College of Nursing

Are there proven alternatives to medication for managing pain?

April 8, 2024

Americans are bad at recognizing conspiracy theories when they believe they’re true 

New research shows this was true both for people who self-identified as liberal and conservative

A rideshare driver for Uber and Lyft in his car

April 4, 2024

One-third of ride-share drivers have had a crash on the job, survey finds 

Using a cell phone, driving while tired and driving on unfamiliar roads increased the likelihood of a crash

Blood vessel endothelial cells (green) and basement membrane (red) in the brain.

March 21, 2024

Research offers hope for preventing post-COVID ‘brain fog’ by targeting brain’s blood vessels 

In a study of mice, researchers identified a mechanism that causes post-infection neurological problems

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