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Donald Edyburn

March 11, 2014

Deaths: Donald Edyburn, Waud Kracke

Campus police officer Donald L. Edyburn, anthropologist Waud Kracke

Riad Barmada

February 4, 2014

Deaths: Riad Barmada, Waud Kracke

Orthopaedist Riad Barmada, anthropologist Waud Kracke

Waud Kracke

February 4, 2014

Anthropologist Waud Kracke, 74

Applied psychoanalytic theory to the understanding of culture

Riad Barmada

January 29, 2014

Orthopaedic surgeon Riad Barmada, 84

Former head of orthopaedics worked to bring more women, minorities to field

Fred Siegel

January 14, 2014

Deaths: Frederick Siegel, Anna Bachman

Pharmacy professor Frederick Siegel, graduate student Anna Bachman

Richard Carlin

July 17, 2013

Deaths: Richard Carlin, chemistry

Researcher, mentor, musician and photographer

Warren Webb

July 17, 2013

Deaths: Warren Webb, UIC Library

Nicknamed “Internal Reference Desk” for his encyclopedia knowledge

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