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September 24, 2013

UIC leads consortium of Latino research centers

National group promotes understanding of U.S. Latinos in politics, culture, economics


July 17, 2013

UIC site for Hispanic/Latino health study

“This study lets us see the big picture”

Dr. M. Roy Wilson

March 28, 2013

NIH official to discuss health disparities

Minority health will be the focus of April 10 Chancellor’s Lecture Series event.

Sylvia Puente

March 12, 2013

Campus News

Sylvia Puente, executive director of the Latino Policy Forum, presents “Fuerza Latina: A Paradox of Success and Hardship.”

Sylvia Puente

March 12, 2013

Latino paradoxes

Sylvia Puente, executive director of the Latino Policy Forum, presents the Phillip Bowman Lecture March 13.

Sylvia Puente

March 7, 2013

Latino advocate speaks on paradoxes in Illinois

Sylvia Puente says Illinois Latinos are succeeding and struggling equally at unprecedented levels.

Lorena Garcia

February 5, 2013

Sociologist considers Latina sexual identity

Don’t paint Latina girls and their sexual lives with a broad brush. That’s a UIC sociologist’s message.

Seniors participating in a salsa dancing class

February 5, 2013

Salsa adds spice for older adults

UIC researchers want to know if salsa dancing improves the health and well-being of older Latinos.

Lorena Garcia

January 17, 2013

New book documents Latina girls, sexuality

A UIC sociologist studies young Latinas’ sexual experiences and how they learn about “safe” sex.

December 3, 2012

UIC musicologist wins national award for edited volume

Musicologist and cultural theorist Alejandro L. Madrid has received the Ruth A. Solie Award from the American Musicological Society for his latest book, “Transnational Encounters: Music and Performance at the U.S.-Mexico Border.”

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