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September 13, 2022

UIC Nursing study seeks to improve the return of research results to participants

Pilot study includes participants enrolled in $22 million, NIH-funded study of long COVID-19

August 19, 2022

UIC scientists discover method for restoring memory loss from Alzheimer’s disease

Stimulating brain stem cells to produce new neurons could lead to promising therapies.

August 8, 2022

Developing antivirals for pandemic-level viruses

UIC awarded $3M NIH grant to establish a center for antiviral drug development

College of Pharmacy entrance

May 27, 2022

NASA roadshow taps UIC

NASA officials tour UIC labs and research centers

model of a skull and internal structures on a desk

May 4, 2022

A ‘factory reset’ for the brain cures anxiety, drinking behavior

Gene editing reverses brain genetic reprogramming caused by adolescent binge drinking

March 31, 2022

A $22 million post-COVID research project now recruiting in Chicago

UIC researchers studying long COVID-19 in urban and rural communities

February 23, 2022

Can CBD fight COVID-19?

Maybe, but researchers say that it’s only a possibility if a pure, pharmaceutical-grade quality product is used

February 21, 2022

The truth about patient access and FDA fast-tracking

Despite expedited approvals, guidance on patient access to treatments is still significantly delayed

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