UIC PPE Supply & Laboratory Availability

To members of the UIC Community,

Much like what we see happening across the world in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, UIC faculty, staff and students are offering their time, energy and ideas to creatively account for issues related to testing, capacity and personal protective equipment (PPE) supplies. This support is incredibly valued and a testament to the resilience of our university community.  UI Health greatly appreciates the many phone calls and emails we have received and would like to provide information here on how you may help take action.

As you have read in the news, there has been an identified growing need for personal protective equipment (PPE), RNA extraction kits and other specific supplies to complete testing capabilities nationwide. While the University and its academic health enterprise explore external resources to address these needs, we also want to harness the innovative ideas and individual expertise available at UIC and in our larger community.  To best serve our patients and communities, it is important that these efforts be organized and then authorized by our leading infectious disease, public health, procurement and emergency preparedness experts.

Visit the website here for ways you can help, first by completing one of the surveys.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs will reach out to the primary contact indicated on the forms with additional instructions. If supplies were purchased on restricted funds (e.g., sponsored projects), keep a record of what is being donated, the value of the donated items and the funding source. The costs should be transferred to an unrestricted fund and the financial implications can be addressed at that time or a later date. Please e-mail vcha@uic.edu with any additional questions.


Robert Barish, MD
Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs

Michael B. Zenn
CEO, University of Illinois Hospital & Clinics

For more information, please contact:
Michael Wesbecher

Margaret Moser

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