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Women's rugby team

January 22, 2013

Rugby teams compete with aggression, heart on field

The men’s and women’s rugby teams give you a chance to get fit, hit people and be social.

Mike Queroz

January 22, 2013

New semester gives students a clean slate

“I am UIC” blogger Mike Queroz looks at a new semester like a clean slate — another chance to start everything from scratch and on the right foot.

So far, so good.

water bottles with USG's logo

January 15, 2013

USG considers ban on disposable water bottles

Should UIC prohibit the sale of disposable water bottles on campus?

Nidal Ibourk and Dave Matthews

January 15, 2013

Speaking the universal language of music

Nidal Ibourk has traveled across the globe, performing her music to an international audience.

MFA student Matthew Brett discusses his work

December 18, 2012

For art students, the final critique

The end-of-semester critique for MFA students is an intense experience.

Kandyce Baker

December 18, 2012

Running, relaxing in Waikiki

“I Am UIC” blogger Kandyce Baker faced another challenge after finishing finals: running the Honolulu Marathon.

students playing intramural basketball

December 13, 2012

Get fit, get smart: the end is near

With days getting shorter and the end of the semester getting closer, what’s the best way to maximize energy and learning abilities before and during finals?

Jim Edgar

December 5, 2012

Take advantage of opportunities, former governor tells students

“If you’re going to be successful in politics, there’s not a straight, linear path to get to your goals,” former Gov. Jim Edgar told a crowded lecture hall of students and academics.

Karoline Wells hands out lipstick samples

November 28, 2012

Lipstick creator mixes passion for cosmetics, chemistry

Did you know lipstick can be vegan? Well, that’s exactly what Karoline Wells achieved in her own cosmetics line, The Elixery.

Denzel Washington in "Flight"

November 7, 2012

In ‘Flight,’ director Zemeckis returns to live-action roots

“When I was a film student, I got the chance to actually shake Alfred Hitchcock’s hand,” director Robert Zemeckis notes as his chief moment of awe in filmmaking, hours before his new film “Flight” premiered at the Chicago International Film festival last month.

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