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Bob Danner and his wife Dolores

February 13, 2018

Deaths: Bob Danner

Bob Danner coached UIC’s swimming and diving and water polo teams for 30 years

William "Bill" Teale

February 6, 2018

Deaths: William H. ‘Bill’ Teale

William H. “Bill” Teale, was a faculty member in the College of Education for 23 years

Albert J. Schorsch III

November 7, 2017

Deaths: Albert Schorsch III

Remembering former associate dean College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs

October 21, 2017

Dr. Michael W. Redding

Those who knew Dr. Michael W. Redding were well aware […]

Cynthia "Cee" Barnes-Boyd

July 19, 2017

Deaths: Cynthia ‘Cee’ Barnes-Boyd

Director of school-based health clinics

June 22, 2017

Deaths: Robert Storti

Robert Storti focused work on molecular genetics of muscle development

Alexei Abrikosov

April 11, 2017

Deaths: Alexei Abrikosov

Adjunct professor Alexei Abrikosov received 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics

Antonio Scommegna

April 11, 2017

Deaths: Antonio Scommegna

Antonio Scommegna was former chairman obstetrics, gynecology

John Cepek; deaths

March 23, 2017

Deaths: John Cepek

John Cepek, former director of UIC Publications Services and Mail Services, was quick with a joke and a smile

Shari Holmer Lewis

January 24, 2017

Deaths: Shari Holmer Lewis

Shari Holmer Lewis, director of the Corporate MBA Program, died recently

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